Thursday, July 2, 2009

With a little piping....

I am now convinced that by simply outlining, one can make anything look "sporty." I read on the Glamour blogs that piping was going to be on everything this year, and so far it has.

Check these out from Topshop:

and this cute little bathing suit from Anthropologie:

And this stuff from Charlotte Russe:

The first three items from Charlotte Russe would actually make for a good outfit for the office if worn with a blazer to make the top more work-appropriate.

But notice how the piping gives it all a sporty edge?

Other than the obvious work out gear, I could only find one item in my wardrobe that had piping on it:

I love this purse. I found it at TJ Maxx for $12. It is real leather and well made. It is an oversized clutch and can fit almost anything I stuff into it. And it works with a lot of outfits I already have. Plus it is right on trend with the contrasting piping all around the edge! All the qualifications of a great buy.

Are you into the piped look? Already own a lot of stuff with piping? Tell me all about it! :)

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