Friday, July 10, 2009

Reader Q&A!

Reader Billie Jean has a question:

I started looking more oily after using Noxema. Today is better after a full cold water rinse. Do you cold water rinse the nox to close your pores and get excess out? It's something I learned as a teen and just remembered.

Here was my answer:

If you are noticing you are more oily or that your pores look big because of the Noxzema, you could try toner. I do the cold water splash at the end too- tightens the pores! If you do try toner, be sure to get a good one. Most contain alcohol which is drying and really strips your skin. Burts bees should have a good one. Or use good ol' fashioned witch hazel. Just read the label and step away from anything containing alcohol. Hope that helps!

Do you guys agree? Would you do anything differently? Do you have a secret you want to share? :)

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