Saturday, July 4, 2009

Charmed, I'm sure.

I love charm necklaces for some reason. Charm bracelets are not my thing, but I always want another charm to put on a long chain around my neck.

These are a few I am coveting as of late:

I used to hate lockets when I was younger- I just felt they were a little too quaint for me. But now I love anything vintage, or vintage inspired; vintage stuff looks like it has a story, as though it had a life before I came upon it. These are a few lockets I want:

Aren't they adorable? Just lovely.

I do have a few cute charms. check them out. Sorry about the poor photography....

My mom gave me this Italian horn charm and this S. I tend to wear them together, I like a few charms hanging from one long chain.

I don't know how old this charm is or where I got it. I think I found it in a box of tangled junk jewelry. I love how simple it is. Since it is hard to tell, the silver etching is a flower.

I got this one in Newport in a store called "Green Envy." The charm is made 100% from recycled materials, including the little pictures. Great idea, right? One side says, " Life is too short, eat dessert first." The other side says, "Some days require cookies." And the pictures, since you can barely tell, are of little kids with those cookies and dessert!

I love how some celebrities, like the Olsen twins will hang a pocket watch on a long necklace like a charm. I usually notice they wear it tangled up with other necklaces, like pearls. I need to first get a long enough chain to do this, as this pocket watch is pretty big. If the chain is too short and the watch is sitting too high up on my chest, it would look ridiculous.

Gotten any charms of your own? Good stories about how you got the jewelry? Share!

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