Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Give me a little daily moisture, please

I always have lotion on my desk at work. I drink so much water so I must have to use the facilities something like 10 times between 9 and 5, and all that hand washing wreaks havoc on my skin. So I make it a point to always follow up with lotion when back at my desk.

Well I was using this stuff:

Burt's Bees is awesome- they use all natural ingredients and most are organic too. But this one is pretty strong smelling and has a greasy feel. It would be fine at home at the kitchen sink, but I don't want greasy fingers all over my keyboard and on my work phone, etc.

I also wanted something with an SPF- your hands are often overlooked when it comes to sun protection. You apply SPF 15 moisturizer all over your face and body in the morning, but throughout the day you (hopefully) wash your hands a lot. And you probably don't reapply that moisturizer afterwards. Hands often show age long before anything else so sun protection is important.

A week or two ago (before the spending freeze) I was at Walmart over my lunch break picking up some produce so I figured I would get a few other things. So, I got more hand lotion for my desk and I went with this one:

Perfect! It has a light, clean, pleasant scent. It absorbs quickly and makes my skin super soft. It is gentle. And it has the required SPF 15 for me. Just one pump is all I need for my hands after washing. Oh, and it is cheap. Love!

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