Monday, July 13, 2009

Skincare, part 2

In my first post about skincare I went over what I know to be the main types of skin. I also broke down the cleansing regimen, types of cleanser, and daytime moisturizer that I think are best for each type. In this post I want to discuss what I believe to be the best way to care for skin at night.

At nighttime, when you are sleeping specifically, your skin repairs and rejuvenates itself. (So does the rest of your body, by the way. Staring bleary eyed at your computer at 3 in the morning is not helping to repair anything- I have tested that already, haha.) So, a night time regimen is very important so that you and your skin can get the most benefit from those (hopefully) 8 hours of rest.

Here is what I have in my arsenal- all the treatments, serums and creams I use on my face AFTER CLEANSING. This stuff is useless and will probably just clog your pores if you do not cleanse and remove all makeup first. I do not use every single product every single night- that would make my skin erupt in flames. It hasn't happened yet, but I am making an educated guess.

And here's the explanation:
I wash my face- it's usually Noxzema at night, like I said in the first post. Once or twice a week I use Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Peel- it leaves my skin super soft and any treatments I use after are more readily accepted by my skin. Creams and serums seem to soak in better.

Once or twice a week (not the same night) I use a mask. The ones above are all good, but I have tried a lot. The Mint Julep one is good for tightening pores, drying up any acne, oil etc. The grapeseed one is good for softening fine lines and overall firming, and the avocado and grapefruit one is good for light exfoliation and moisturization.

If I have acne of any kind- blackheads, blemishes or full-on pimples- I use the two Murad products. The Exfoliating Acne Treatment Gel is good for larger areas and less serious acne. It contains salicylic acid which sloughs away dead skin, which is a big part of what causes acne. The dead skin gets in the pores and mixes with oil and dirt to clog them up and make them look big. The Acne Spot Treatment is for just that- spots. I dab it on actual pimples and rub it in. Both products are pretty strong (for me) so I don't use them everyday, just when I think I need them. I used to use pimple creams with Benzoyl Peroxide. It would definitely dry up the pimple, but it also made my whole face dry, itchy and red. So if you have the same experience, these two Murad products may be good for you.

If there are no acne problems to deal with (yay!) I use my other serums. I try to use the Avon Anew Clearly C as much as possible. Vitamin C is a natural antioxidant- it fights the free radicals that do damage to your skin all day long. It has improved clarity and tone and it is supposed to fight signs of aging. Plus, this serum is super moisturizing- sometimes in the hot weather, I don't follow up with any other cream. I did my research on this one too- it has 10% Vitamin C, more than the more expensive Mario Badescu version, which I believe has 7%. Good deal!

Sometimes I use my Neutrogena Ageless Intensives Deep Wrinkle Serum in lieu of the Vitamin C serum, but for the most part I use the Neutrogena one during the day. However, if using it during the day, you have to be careful. It contains Retinol which can make you sensitive to the sun. I always follow up with a good sunscreen or my Benetint You Rebel Tinted Moisturizer with SPF. Also, since many people are sensitive to Retinol, it is recommended you start slow with this product- use it every other day or every third day for a week or two before increasing to daily use. Retinol is another exfoliator- so obviously I wouldn't use it after I had exfoliated with my Olay Regenerist Microdermabrasion Peel, or at the same time as the Murad Acne Gel. It would definitely result in sensitivity.

Every night, regardless of the other treatments I use, I also use an eye cream. The one above from Avon's Anew Force Extra Line is thick and creamy, and is the one I use currently. In the past I have also used this one from Avon's Anew Clinical Line.

This one is also great- it has a cream part to fade dark circles under your eyes as well as a cooling gel to calm puffiness on your eyelid up to your browbone.

At Sephora, I got this one as a free gift, and it is next in the lineup of products to try:

I will let you know how that one works!

Finally, I usually round out my nighttime regimen with this Avon Solutions Dramatic Firming Cream. It gives me the feeling of tightening my skin- although that could all be in my head, who knows. It is thick enough for the winter, which is a must for me. Sometimes, depending on what else I have used, I forgo it in the summer months.

I probably sound obsessed with antiaging products and promises, but I figure it is never too late to start preserving your skin.

What is your routine like? Is mine a little... overkill? Have you used any of these products? Do you have something you have tried, tested and now swear by?


  1. Murad is great. I also love Decleor!

  2. Mint Julep is an oldie but a goodie - you inspired me to bust out my green face mask last night.

    As an eye cream in the morning I've been putting on dabs of Neutrogena Dry Touch SPF 70 all around my eyes... figure I might as well be heavily sun protected around the eyes during the day...

    I just turned 27 and I'm noticing tiny fine lines around my eyes - do you have any product recommendations for keeping those suckers at bay?

  3. Hi Mookie! I have been using the ones mentioned above, but I am always trying to find something better. Here are some I have been eye-ing lately (pun intended, haha):

    Philosophy Eye Hope
    Kinerase Intensive Eye Cream
    Clinique All About Eyes

    If you have sensitivity to eye products, maybe you could try something with more natural ingredients like:

    Boscia Enlivening Amino- AG Eye Treatment or
    Icelandic Relief Eye Cream with Biospheric Complex

    Let me know if you try any and if you see results! :)

  4. I am not as disciplined as I should be, but trying to get better. I just started this regimine.

    I started removing eye makeup with sweet almond oil from the natural store (Aura Cacia $5.93) and then washing with Noxema morning and night. At night I dab a little almond oil under my eyes (read somewhere that it lightened under-eye circles)..So far it's working. AND my lashes are thicker,and some lines are diminishing.

    I use Olay Complete All Day for Sensitive Skin w/spf 15. My mom used it for as long as I can remember and she was always radiant!