Thursday, July 30, 2009

Troll beads

What would you pay for a bracelet you can make all your own? You can literally have a different bracelet everyday, just by changing the beads on it.

Well that is what a friend and co-worker of mine does. Terrie bought Troll Beads in countless designs, the bracelet to put them on, as well as the necklace, and she has more beads on the way. The middle bracelet on her wrist, pictured above, is made from these beads.

Every night she creates a new outfit, including her jewelry- and it shows. Terrie never seems to wear the same thing twice, and now that is literally true for her jewelry.

But there is a price to pay for individuality. Troll beads are not cheap- the glass beads range from $25-35. Gold beads go for $140-1130! They sure are fun though!

Terrie had lots of great jewelry, however- even long before Troll Beads came along. Just look at this amethyst necklace of hers:

Now THAT is a statement necklace.

Do you like big, colorful jewelry? Do you pick out yours to match your outfit at night before bed? (I wish I did, it would make for less harried and stressful mornings!) Do you like these Troll Beads? Will you be ordering some yourself? Say so in the comments!


  1. She is a fashionable one! :) I would definately love to have one of those bracelets, but I just don't have the discipine (or the finances) to make a new bracelet every night.

  2. Thank You gives me the knowledge about beads. I will take some more pictures soon ....But my son has to help me make a little video when I make a bracelet. I promise...... soon
    troll bead