Monday, July 27, 2009

Spending Freeze

You know to what I am referring. No spending, no buying anything unnecessarily, unless it is grocery shopping, I will not be entering any stores.

Not that I did a whole lot of shopping before. I mean, compared to some of my counterparts, I am tame. But it has been declared out loud this time. Other than bills (and savings) no money will be leaving the checking account. And all because...? Because a lot (A LOT) of work is going to be done to the house in the next month. The kind of work that involves knocking down walls. Raising roofs. (Literally.) Ripping fixtures out. And all that takes money.

Normally I will not even realize when it has been a long time since I last bought something frivolous. But when I declare a spending freeze on myself, I become painfully (PAINFULLY!) aware. Suddenly, I NEED purses. Shoes. Sunglasses.

I know, I know. All in my head. And it's for a good cause. My house will look better for it in the end. Yea yea.

Having my house in disarray will not help matters, of course. I will be looking for any reason to get out, and shopping won't be an option.

Petty? Probably. Whiny? Mhmm. Petulant? Definitely. But hey, at least I can admit it, right? And I can tell myself that while I am not making myself more stylish, I am making my house more so!

Do you ever put yourself on spending freezes?


  1. There are or have been more times in my life when buying underwear was a "luxury" purchase. Purses, shoes, everyday clothes???? HAHA!

    My saving grace was found in second hand thrift stores like Good Will, VIA, and Salvation Army.

    Yea, they smell a bit musty and aren't well lit, but they hold the rich
    person's "trash" that could be your "treasure". You wash before you wear any purchase anyway.

    I recently purchased a leather backpack purse for $2. It was similar to one I saw at BonTon for $38. I cleaned and conditioned the leather and waxed the zippers so it's like new again.

    My best ever find was a Wilson leather jacket with zip insulated lining. The SA tagged it for $12. The Wilson tag was in between the coat and lining $189. I doubt it was ever worn by the donator. The zipper broke after 8 years, so I'm in the hunt for a new one.

    I shop these stores when I just HAVE TO buy something NEW. And no, I don't buy my underwear there unless it's still in the package and only shoes to match an outfit that I only plan on wearing once. (like bridesmaid dress). Sometimes I don't find anything I like in my size, but it quells my shopping urge.

    My favorite store is Second Sight I purchased a brand new with tags, Jovani gown for $25. Apparently donated by the mfgt/store because a few beads were missing. Second Sight has a 2-3 racks of gowns in all sizes. Some are the same style in various sizes (good for a "spending freeze" wedding).

    Best wishes Stef with you home remodel and spending freeze. Hope it is quicker and cleaner than your last upgrade and you don't have any unplanned surprises. BTW, I've also purchased power/hand tools at thrift stores. Remind Chris that I want to recycle the porch roof if possible.

  2. thanks for the comment and for reading!

    Yes, I agree, used clothing stores, vintage shops, Salvation Army stores and Goodwill are great places if you give them a chance and are willing to do some digging. If you are turned off by the idea of wearing shoes worn by someone else, don't be! That is the best way to get that worn in rocker looks, especially with cowboy boots. Besides, a trip to a shoe cobbler is all it takes- they can put in new soles, reattach/repair heels, deodorize and do cleaning you may not be able to do.