Thursday, July 9, 2009

Flowers in fashion

I have noticed more and more flower patterns when out and about shopping- and I think I like it. This is what I am talking about:

Urban Outfitters

I love beanies in general, and I am always hoping I will someday find a way to wear them with my crazy curls.

I love train cases- particularly vintage or vintage looking ones. I remember having one to play with as a kid, who knows how old it was. I only wish I knew where it was now. This one from UO may not be vintage or have a hard shell like that old one, but it does have pretty flowers all over it and a silky lining! Would look cute for travel or just sitting in your bathroom holding all your makeup, don't you think?

I love maxi dresses in all forms, and this one from UO is no exception. I like the big bold flowers on this one- I don't think small flowers would have had as much impact.

I think flower prints on tops are great. The thing about a top like these is that it can be dressed up or down easily- depending on whether you wear boyfriend jeans or skinny, dark wash jeans, flat gladiator sandals or stilettos. And depending on the jewelry, the versatility goes even further. Wear a studded bracelet and a piled on bunch of chain necklaces and you have a rocker-chic style. Go with some stacked gold tone rings and a single long chain with several little charms and you have more of a girly style. Also, anyone notice the one sleeve black t-shirt up there? Accentuating one shoulder is hot hot hot right now. Isn't it nice when you can draw attention to a little bit of skin without actually revealing much?

This plaid flower headband is so cute- I think it would look great with a plain white boyfriend t-shirt, some slightly destroyed denim, and some simple jewelry. It looks like the flower is pretty big and would be hard to miss on one's head. So since it would draw so much attention, I would keep everything else simple- let it take the spotlight. (Charlotte Russe) The earrings would be cute mixed with rocker-chic jewelry- I think matching up things from opposite styles makes things look modern and fresh, and like you aren't trying too hard. (Urban Outfitters)

I have a feeling about what many of you might be thinking about this dress, because I initially thought the same thing. I had several dresses a lot like this in elementary and middle school. Maybe you are thinking it is very "circa 1990" with it's cut and the small print. Maybe you think the pattern looks like your grandparents' curtains. But I am telling you, this could be very fashionable with the right add-ons and accessories. With the right boyfriend blazer or denim jacket, and some casual gladiator sandals or distressed leather cowboy boots, it would be right on trend. See below for some good options. (Dress, jackets and shoes all UO)

This cardigan caught my eye because it has a very relaxed and drapey feel- very different from the cardigans we are used to from JCrew and Gap (which I love as well!) Plus, it has a print, while most of the cardigans I currently own are a solid color. This skirt is adorable- would be great with a solid v-neck t-shirt. It has the same flouncy cut we have been seeing, but the wide waistband should make it more flattering for a wider range of body types. And it has pockets! I never put stuff in the pockets of my clothes, but it's nice having them, haha.

Do you like the flower trend? Too girly for you? Do you prefer them hippie-style? big and ornate like upholstery? (ha!) bold and eye-catching?

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  1. i love that floral "90's" dress - only for the fact that it looks like a dress i wore in my 6th grade school photos!!! love it.
    and you are right - with a jean jacket and some cute flats, it would be hipster perfect!