Friday, June 12, 2009

I want I want I want

Lately, I want more clothes, more shoes, more purses, more accessories- this is bad. First, my money should be going elsewhere, like my vacation fund or to pay down debt. Second, I have nowhere to put more stuff. My husband may kill me if the weight of my clothes breaks another closet rod. Third, I don't NEED any of this stuff. And it creates a lot of pollution, manufacturing all these things. And a lot of these things are made from leather, so animals are raised and killed just so I can have another belt. So, let's see if I can satisfy my urge to shop by showing instead of buying, shall we? Let's see how long this lasts.

Orion Ankle Boot at Bakers- it has a 4 1/2 inch heel, it is open toe but still an ankle boot so it could work for multiple seasons, and it is real leather, so it feels like it might last. I will admit that sometimes, the shoes I have gotten at Bakers in the past have just fallen apart- but lately I have had better luck. Plus, the prices are decent and some of their styles are just so bad ass, and I love them.

Professionnel Platinum Angled Foundation Brush #51- Right now I have quite the mix of makeup brushes. I have the ones I got in the Bare Escentuals Starter pack, and I hate those. They are made with real goat hair I believe, but the hairs fall out all the time, especially during makeup application. Annoying. I have a great one for powder foundation from The Body Shop- really soft fake hairs and it has held up very well. And then I have a bunch of drugstore ones, and they are all pretty crappy. The bristles are rough and feel scratchy.I have been doing my research on what brushes I want to get when I am ready, and I think this line is it. It looks like they come in real hair and fake, but I think real hair may be over-rated. It absorbs more of the cosmetic and the hairs seem to fall out more easily. These brushes are made with nylon hairs, which are tapered just like real hairs, and they are super soft to the touch. And the nylon isn't porous like hair is, so less makeup is absorbed into the brush, which I think makes for better application and less cleaning.

For a while I was saying I didn't want any more tshirts because I already had so many and my job is kinda professional so I thought they wouldn't be appropriate. But we don't have a dress code and when in doubt, just throw a blazer over it! I really like the ones I have been seeing at Forever21- they are tissue thin, and the fit is just loose enough. I thought these two were cute (among others)- I really like the simple black and white design and the rocker-chic feel.

I don't think I have the confidence yet to wear the skinny jean but I am thinking maybe I could work up to it. I think they are so versatile and can be flattering if worn and styled correctly.
I am hoping by fall, I can wear them without feeling so self conscious.

There's more, but I have to stop somewhere. What have you been wanting lately?

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  1. Hi Fashionista!
    Congrats on the newly launched blog, what a badass name! I am a few months into my new blog too. My advice to get your blog out there in the world is to post alot of comments on others blogs and start with word of mouth through friends and family--they have been my best supporters thus far! Add a blogroll to your account so it pings and you can add links. We should sign up to follow each others blog :o)