Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Get Scarved

I love scarves. I love how the French know how to wear a scarf just so. I love that a scarf can dress an outfit up or down. And that you can wear one in pretty much any season, any weather.

You can wear it wound all up around your neck:

Or as a hair accessory:

You can spice up a plain t-shirt for a fun and casual vibe:

Or you can wear it with a blazer for a multi-layer look:

You can use it to stay incognito:

Scarves can have so many different prints, they can be made of silk (ooh la la) or soft and comfy cashmere or chunky wool. I also love that scarves can have such a history behind them- each comes with a story.

Tomorrow I will show pictures of a few of my favorite scarves- most of which were gifts from my mom!

Do you have an accessory you find so versatile and useful? How do you wear your scarves?


  1. Hey Fashionista! I am a scarve collector/hoarder. One of my favorites ones is lavendar and cashmere and I scored it off of Hautelook (retail $119..my price $12!!!) I wear them in my hair and like in Alba's pics. You should send me an invite to The Savvy--thats one I haven't heard of yet!!

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