Wednesday, June 24, 2009

British Invasion

I first found out Topshop was coming to the US through- what else- the blogosphere. I can't remember exactly where or which blog exactly, but I remember thinking "what is Topshop, what's the big deal?" But I kept reading about it and hearing about it in all things fashion, and I guess the frenzy was infectious. When it finally came here, namely to NYC on Broadway, I knew I would have to pay a visit on my next trip there.

I walked out of the store with the following:

It may be hard to tell how cool this jacket is, but let me tell you, I feel pretty badass wearing it.
I also got heart shaped earrings and a heart shaped ring with the British flag, but they don't have those online and I don't have a good picture of me wearing either, other than the following:

(My friend Mike got a Michael Jackson-esque jacket the same day, and wanted to show it off. And no, we don't normally wear sunglasses inside, I don't normally smile weird like that, and I don't normally wear the matching British flag ring and earrings at the same time.)

This weekend I will be going to NYC again, and hopefully going to Topshop again. The store will probably have different things to choose from than the website, but just in case, I prepared myself with a little online window shopping:

The vest on Kate Moss is black macrame, and all the purses are big enough to hold all my stuff and either leather or suede. And the glasses are just fun. Now, obviously I can't get all these things, much as I would love to, so what do you think I should get if I were to choose among these things?

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