Sunday, August 9, 2009

And it continues....

My eye condition that is. I had posted about it before, and it has been something like 3 weeks now.

Because of eye contacts that were not the right size for me and fit very tightly, a whole slew of problems ensued, and I am now on three (!) prescriptions, all topical. To avoid any further problems I haven't been wearing my contacts, makeup (no mascara?!?!), and I even contemplate going with facial moisturizers and SPF (gasp!) I am just afraid something will get in my eye and irritate it further.

People have been asking what happened, what is wrong with my eyes, etc. I am glad people care enough to ask, but I always feel the need to explain I am not contagious.

People also tell me I look tired a lot. How do you respond to that one? Thanks for letting me know?

Anyway, it is improving, albeit very slowly. And I will be back testing makeup before you know it!

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  1. Hi Stefania, I hope your eyes are feeling better :o( I know how it feels to have eye probs I have had a couple of issues myself and you can't be right if your eyes aren't right! So did your eye doctor measure your eyes wrong or what? I have horrible eyesight, my contacts prescrip is -7.5. Update your blog soon! I need to know tricks that will make my hair shine like a pantene pro-v commercial, whether it means by way of vitamins, does not necessarily have to be all about the shine spray. I have heard their hair is coated and coated with wax on those commercials. Anyways, feel better!